Village Reform Congregation

                                                            PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE


By now you should have received your invoice for the dues for the new year.  I ask that you try to send it in ASAP.  If you feel any hardship or personal reason for not meeting the amount requested, I strongly urge you to come in to the office and speak with Trudy Lerner.  NO ONE will be turned away  for not being able to pay this amount or not paying the dues all at once.

We are striving to provide the most service for our members and to reduce our deficit.  In an effort to reduce our expenses, your Board of Directors has voted to dispense with fresh flowers for the next six months to see if this will help.  We will be displaying artificial flowers, but will not charge anyone for these.  You will be given the opportunity to sponsor an oneg for $75.00, and allowed up to three persons to co-sponsor, if necessary (you may split the cost equally).  We sincerely hope that this will meet with your approval.

It has come to our attention that most of our members are not participating in any of the activities other than religious services.  I need to point out that no temple can exist on dues alone.  We offer a multitude of activities in an effort to involve our members and to raise much needed funds in a way that won’t be a hardship on anyone and still provide enjoyment and entertainment.  If there is an activity which we don’t offer, but you would like, please let us know.  This is your temple and we are here to serve you, but we can’t satisfy your wishes unless you communicate with us.

We are asking for your help to make our religious services more meaningful and enjoyable.  There seems to be constant talking and moving around during the service and this is very distracting to others as well as to those conducting the service.  We ask that you refrain from side conversations and participate more in the prayers and rituals.  Make certain that all electronic devices are silenced and that if you have an emergency, you inform the Rabbi before services so that he is aware.

I would like to take a few seconds to ask for a special favor.  Let’s make Shabbat and holidays a little different from the rest of the week.  We should dress a LITTLE more formally and try to make it a little more meaningful.  I’m not asking for ties and dresses, but just something a little dressier than everyday clothes.  Please don’t be offended, but let’s try to uplift our spirits by doing something a little differently.

Please let us hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.  This is your Temple and we are here to serve you as well as to provide for your spiritual and educational needs and social activities.  YOU ARE THE VILLAGE REFORM CONGREGATION so let's be together and stand proud and strong.


Merv Levin, President