Village Reform Congregation



Our annual membership meeting was held on May 16.  After some discussion, the new budget was passed, and we now have to make certain that we are able to operate accordingly.   With you continued help, interest and participation, we should be able to function judiciously.

We hope that you have noticed that we are once again using fresh flowers on the Bimah for services and they are beautiful.  You are encouraged to sponsor flowers to honor someone or something, remember someone or just to celebrate an event.  The cost is still only $65.00. If we do not have a sponsor, we will not provide flowers, so don’t let this happen.  If you wish to order flowers, please call Merv at 954-437-0334 or the Temple office at 954-437-7969.

If you wish to sponsor a Friday night Oneg or Saturday morning Kiddush, please call Andrea Weibel at 305-505-1448.  Remember that up to three people can co-sponsor an Oneg (dividing the cost equally).

I would like to clarify a misconception that some of our members seem to have.  Our present rental agreement with Mr. Levy expires in June of 2019.  I have been in contact with him in an effort to renew it for at least another two years.  I am very pleased to announce that Mr. Levy has agreed to extend our present lease for an additional two years with the proviso that if either of us wishes to sever the agreement, we give 12 months’ notice of our intention.  This lease will include a 3% increase in each of the succeeding years.

I am sorry to have to remind our members that the Mishebeyrach list is purged each month if you do not contribute the $5.00 donation for up to four names per month.  Some of you pay for multiple months, which is great, but a few forget to keep it up if you are paying monthly.  Please try to stay current with it when necessary.  Of course, it would be even better if our people were recovering and could be removed from the list, but when it is necessary, keep their names read each week.

With the High Holidays fast approaching, we pray for good health, strength and happiness for the future.  May you all be written in the Book of Life for better health and only “Simchas” for the coming year!!!


Merv Levin, President